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What we buy & sell

We Buy & Sell - Bullion (Pure Metals)

 Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium (Bullion)

We Buy - Jewelry & Diamonds

Jewelry – Gold, Silver, Diamonds

We Buy & Sell - Coins

Minted & Collectible (Numismatic)

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Tableware & Silverware

Jewelry & Diamonds

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After serving 60,000+ clients over 14 years, The Gold And Silver Exchange has achieved a BBB rating of A+, the highest possible rating awarded to any business.

“They were very personable, honest and prompt.”


“I would use them again if the need arose.”



“Honest quick service and payment”


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How long has The Gold And Silver Exchange been in business?
In May of this year, we will be celebrating our 13th year in West Michigan. We have been in the business in different capacities since 1979.
What is your Better Business Bureau Rating?

The Gold And Silver Exchange is rated A+, the highest possible rating awarded to any business.

BBB Accredited Business Review for The Gold & Silver Exchange

How many customers have you served?

We have served over 60,000 satisfied customers!

How does the process work?

Just bring in your items and we will analyse everything right in front of you as you watch. We’ll take extra care to explain everything, including the weights and karats.

What do you purchase besides jewelry?

Diamonds, silver jewelry, silver serving sets, silver coins, silver bullion, 90% U.S. silver dollars, halves, quarters and dimes pre-1965, gold coins, gold bullion, gold dental work, platinum coins and platinum bullion. Any item that contains silver, gold, or diamonds. If you’re not sure, we will be glad to assess at no charge.

Do you also sell jewelry?

Yes. We sell hundreds of vintage estate jewelry items through our online store.

What else do you sell?

Gold & Silver coins, bars and government minted coins.

How do you determine it's real gold, silver or diamonds?

We have state of the art equipment to accurately test any item. All tests are performed in your presence.

How many stores do you have?

Currently we have 2 locations. One in Greenville and one in Grand Rapids.

How do your prices compare to others?

Our pricing is good enough that many competitors sell their items to us.

If I sell, when do I get paid?

On the spot.

What's my experience going to be with you?

0 pressure, complete transparency, enjoyable experience.

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